Todd Brunson

A lot of poker players that have come to the gaming spotlight have made it a huge point to change the game as we see it. Guys like this that want to make a difference that most would like to see, including Todd Brunson - have much to tell in the story that led them to where they have come to be in life today. Todd Brunson was born in El Paso, TX in August 7, 1969.

Poker runs in Brunson's blood. Considering Brunson's famous poker legend father, Doyle Brunson, it seems as if Todd was almost destined to be in the poker spotlight one day and have a great future in professional poker one day. As a child, he would play card games and find different sorts of games to get into. If only he could have found a casino online then! During his years as a teen, he would go and hang out with close friends and family members. He did quite a bit relocating between cities with his family in his teen years.

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Receiving an education was important and considered something that was a necessity to acquire, though things may not have panned out how they were originally planned out to. Todd then went on to go to college and study for a degree at Texas Tech, yet in his junior year of college, he decided that he wanted to play poker on a full time basis and quit school so that he could focus all of his attention onto poker and building a career in his new passion. Growing up was not always easy, just as it was with probably anyone that has made it big to get where they are. Even though things might have seemed rough at times, Todd persevered and kept working toward his goals. Despite the difficulties that Brunson faced, he pulled through and got his life on track. His interest in poker helped him to start the beginning of a new and lucrative career in playing poker. Brunson is a natural competitor and whether he is playing bingo at Posh Bingo or Snakes and Ladders he is going to be doing whatever he can to win.

While not all people would be supportive and open to the idea of playing poker or gambling for a living since it is known to be risky, Todd knew that the game was just something that he could not pas up. Brunson spent many hours learning the game and trying to better his play through countless hours of practice and training to the point of where he could get out there and show the other poker players what they were up against.

Brunson's poker nickname is darkhorse, which in a way denotes his game demeanor. Todd Brunson has won one World Series of Poker bracelet and has at least 22 money finishes as well. Even though things were far from easy, and Todd had to adjust to different challenges that would get in his path, hard work and persistence in poker was the key to not only getting much better, but also to Brunson's success to becoming a much more respected and serious poker player. Keeping his eye on his goals would help Brunson to achieve them and prove to turn him into a poker superstar.